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We effectively resolve marital issues, so that you may engage the future with confidence.

– Steven Levine


Steve Jon Levine, Esq.

We provide highly skilled representation in all aspects of family law, including divorce, legal separation, custody disputes, child and spousal support, post-nuptial agreements, property division, paternity, grandparent’s rights, enforcement of judgments and orders and post-divorce decree modification.

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Prenuptial Agreements
Post-Nuptial Agreements
Divorce Mediation
Collaborative Negotiation
Grandparent’s Rights
Ordinary Protection
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Steven Jon Levine, Esq. offers legal representation by highly skilled professionals to serve your legal needs. If you wish to meet with an attorney or simply have a legal question, please contact our office.

Whether you are facing a divorce or are simply preparing wisely for marriage, you will require the assistance of experienced Family Law professionals to assist you in navigating the complex Family Law system. The Law Firm of Steven Jon Levine, Esq., takes a pro-active approach to resolving divorce, custody, property, support, relocation and other Family Law disputes in a cost effective manner. Our legal services include negotiation, mediation, collaborative law and litigation. We carefully listen to our clients to determine their priorities and then structure legal strategies to achieve their objectives.

Steven Jon Levine, Esq.


During a legal career encompassing over four decades and prior to establishing his present firm, Steven Jon Levine was the principal matrimonial member of the firm of Vittoria & Forsythe, …


Elizabeth Zelman Friedman, Esq. is a advocate who is highly skilled in the resolution of difficult matrimonial and family law cases and in the representation of clients who require the protection of prenuptial and marital agreements.

Elizabeth Zelman Friedman, Esq.


Elizabeth Zelman Friedman, Esq., has over 25 years of legal experience, concentrating in the areas of residential real estate transactions, including purchase, sale and re-financing matters with representation of sellers, …


Sally Maurice


Sally A. Maurice has been an administrative/legal assistant for over 40 years, working with attorneys representing clients in matters involving matrimonial law, personal injury, wills, trusts and estates and commercial and private …

Our lawyers will provide knowledgeable guidance to address the financial and legal impact of divorce, separation and other family law matters. We will work closely with you to provide attentive and prompt service and sound legal advice. Our lawyers are prepared to address marital and family law issues through negotiation, litigation, mediation, or by utilizing a collaborative law approach. During the initial consultation, you will receive a clear explanation of the law which impacts you and outlines your rights as a client. The consultation will address your needs and answer your questions about family law matters in New York State, including divorce, legal separation, custody, parental access, spousal and child support, the equitable distribution of property, orders of protection and issues involving grandparents’ rights.

We are available for consultation at convenient hours. You will find us to be highly professional, accessible, knowledgeable and caring about our clients and the best interests of their children.


Previous client reviews…

Mr. Levine handled a highly volatile and delicate post divorce case for me that dealt with child custody and other complexities. Mr. Levine got me custody of my 12 year old daughter - and was able to make it happen with the most efficient use of time. Mr. Levine has the kindest demeanor, and is very compassionate when it is most needed. But also please know that when it was time to get serious with the other attorney he clearly demonstrated that he was in charge and there would be no time wasting tactics that had been utilized for the 8+ years this had played out for me and my family before Mr. Levine entered the case. Not only will my family be forever indebted to the miracle he pulled off of getting me my daughter, his name will forever be remembered going forward. The strongest review for Mr. Levine will not come close to how good he and his staff really is. I hope I was able to accomplish this to some degree here.

Ernest, a Child Custody client

Steven Jon Levine, Esq.

New Rules – Temporary and Post-Divorce Maintenance

In 2015, the New York Legislature enacted new guidelines to calculate temporary and post-divorce maintenance. If you are a candidate for maintenance (spousal support), the guidelines may strongly impact your financial future. Temporary and post-divorce maintenance...

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Child Custody and the “Lincoln” Hearing

In a custody dispute, judges do not wish to place a child in the position of having to openly “choose” between parents. However, where a child’s testimony is necessary, the child may be questioned by the judge with the child’s attorney present but in the absence of...

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Recovering Pre-Marital Contributions in a Divorce

When there is a change in marital status by reason of divorce or annulment, marital property is distributed “equitably,” in accordance with New York law (Domestic Relations Law §236 B.). However, property, which is classified as “separate” property of the other...

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