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During a legal career encompassing over four decades and prior to establishing his present firm, Steven Jon Levine was the principal matrimonial member of the firm of Vittoria & Forsythe, LLP and predecessor, a boutique Trusts & Estates law firm. He subsequently established the firm of Levine & Zelman, Esqs., which concentrated its practice in Family and Matrimonial Law and residential real estate transactions.

In addition to providing representation in highly contested matrimonial litigation, Mr. Levine’s office advocates Alternative Dispute Resolution as a means of resolving marital issues. Mr. Levine served as a member of the commercial and no-fault panels of the American Arbitration Association and the New York Civil Court Arbitration Panel. He was also a member of the Arbitration and Mediation Panel of the Jewish Conciliation Board of America, Inc., one of the oldest arbitration and mediation forums in the United States. In an article published in the New York Law Journal, Mr. Levine introduced the New York Bar to this unique forum for settling family, business and other disputes.

Steven Levine was liaison between the Matrimonial Committee of the Association of the Bar of the City of New York and the New York State Senate Judiciary Committee, during the drafting of New York State’s Equitable Distribution Law. He has lectured on matrimonial and Family Law issues, appeared as a guest on Court Radio and hosted the program Radio Lawyer, which featured interviews with prominent members of the matrimonial law community and discussion of the “nuts and bolts” of the Family Law system in New York.

Mr. Levine’s legal column Please be Advised, appeared in the Tomorrow Newspapers. He co-authored Divorce Q&A; Answers to Questions About Divorce, Equitable Distribution, Maintenance, Custody, Child Support and Domestic Violence, published by Pace Women’s Justice Center. He has presented a continuing education program about matrimonial law to certified public accountants and an overview of matrimonial law to attorneys attending the New Directions program at Pace Law School.

Steven Levine received his law degree from St. John’s University School of Law and was awarded an LL.M Degree by New York University School of Law. He also holds a Masters of Arts Degree from The City College of New York School of Education. Mr. Levine is a member of the American, New York, Westchester and White Plains Bar Associations and the New York City Bar Association.