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      • “We effectively resolve marital issues, so that you may engage the future with confidence.”

        - Steven Jon Levine

      • Our team of experienced and trusted attorneys, with over a century of combined experience, will provide you with highly professional, cost-effective guidance through the complex, legal, financial and emotional divorce environment.

        However, if reconciliation is possible, we encourage referrals to marriage professionals to repair and strengthen your marriage.

        Our divorce and family law attorneys will work with you to engage the future with confidence and to dispel any anxiety concerning the legal process. We will also inform you of your legal rights and work with you to formulate positive goals. It is important to have an experienced proactive attorney on your side to advocate for the best possible outcome.

        We help clients navigate successfully through high conflict and complex divorces, as well as providing alternatives to contested litigation, such as mediation and collaborative law, which may reduce the financial and emotional costs of family law issues. We also offer “second opinion” consultations.

        We provide highly skilled representation in all aspects of family law, including divorce, legal separation, custody disputes, child and spousal support, post-nuptial agreements, property division, paternity, grandparent’s rights, enforcement of judgments and orders and post-divorce decree modification. We also provide effective representation in the negotiation and preparation of prenuptial agreements, which is designed to complement, not complicate your life.

        We are available for consultation at convenient hours. You will find us to be highly professional, accessible, knowledgeable and caring about our clients and the best interests of their children.

        For your convenience, we have locations in White Plains, Yorktown Heights and Manhattan. You may find the articles featured in this website to be a helpful resource, prior to meeting with us.

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